Beyonce Has Released A Festive Holiday Merch Collection

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    Has Released A Festive Holiday Merch Collection

    For those who were worried that their holiday season would have a lack of -related items, fear not: Queen Bey has just unveiled a new holiday-themed merch collection on her webstore.

    There are items here at a variety of price points. On the lower end, there are things like -themed wrapping paper, and different styles of ornaments (like one that’s a bee) and mugs (including the Nefertiti one), all for under $20. If your budget allows, there are some higher end products as well. There’s a sweatshirt with “HOLIDAY PARTY ENERGY” embroidered in multiple colors on the front ($75) and a long-sleeve t-shirt featuring young and the catchphrase “Gon’ Be Litty” ($50).

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    The most purely Christmas item of the bunch, though, is the $40 “Your Favorite Wrapper” t-shirt, which features an illustration of , wearing a Santa-style robe and hat, and holding two giant snowflakes.

    For fans who want their holiday season to be as Beyonce-saturated as possible, now would be a good time to remember that Destiny’s Child released a Christmas album, 8 Days Of Christmas, in 2001.

    Beyonce, by the way, got her holiday season off to a strong start, as she recently extended her record as the most nominated woman in Grammys history.


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